Peace Corps Service

I was drawn to the idea of Peace Corps after college: making an impact on a small scale, person to person, has always been my ideal vision for making humanity a little better and a little kinder. This year I began my third year of service with Peace Corps in Madagascar, the fourth largest island nation in the world, a country that is part African, part Asian, heavily foreign influenced, with 80% of the world’s vanilla and where 80% of its flora and fauna are endemic. Madagascar is a wondrous place.

Me in front of what’s been my home for the past two life-changing years.

My Peace Corps Manifesto

Packing for Peace Corps

Pre-Service Training #1: Welcome to Mantasoa!

On the Eve of Swearing-in as a Peace Corps Volunteer

Moving to Site: Adjustments

On Coexistence and Feeling Pain

Cultural Adjustment: The Six Month Slump 

Wooden Needles

The Hardest Part

Six Months Left (and how I’m trying like hell to avoid cynicism)

Speechless: It’s a Wrap

Goal Setting and Why I Love It

Two Years in One Poem