Happy Almost Mother’s Day!


To my moms, grandmothers, aunts, pseudo-aunts, friends who are moms, and friends with moms…

Thanks for giving us life. Now that I’m starting to grow up I realize that you didn’t have to do it. You could have lived your whole life for yourself. You didn’t have to raise kids, take us to baseball games and dance classes, cook us barley and bananas as babies and spaghetti with tomato sauce (only the smooth kind) for ten years, listen to us whine (how did you handle THAT?!) and watch us make horrible, horrible decisions.

But you did. And somehow we turned out alright. My biggest hope for my future is that I can be a good, loving mom one day, like you all.
Maybe some of you will rub off on me, now that I know you don’t have cooties.

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  1. Bill S says:

    Melanie, you've got the heart to be a wonderful mother someday if God wills it.


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